Puppy Raising at Highline

How puppies are raised at Highline

We take raising puppies very seriously at Highline Aussies. We are constantly researching and implementing the latest information and equipment to help us raise well adjusted, confident and social puppies that will transition with ease into their new homes.

Puppies are whelped and raised in the house with ample time in our lovely fenced yard for fresh air, exercise and exposure to multiple surfaces, toys and equipment. We incorporate many of the Puppy Culture/Avid Dog techniques starting with Early Neurological Stimulation at three days of age.
Learn more about Early Neurological Stimulation HERE

As soon as their ears open we play a puppy sounds CD which exposes puppies to all manner of sounds, including fireworks, gunshots and thunder. We have found that using this method results in adults that are rarely sound sensitive.

From when they are born, puppies are handled daily including having their nails cut and coat brushed. They are bathed weekly, starting at five weeks, so they can acclimate to being in the tub, on the grooming table and to the dryer.

Once puppies reach about 5 weeks we start introducing them to larger areas of the house and also to the outside. Puppies spend a lot of time in the kitchen where they get used to the sounds of daily activity and can really be part of the family. We encourage puppy visitors at this stage forward. It is so much fun to watch them play in the bottle pool, adventure box and on the mini agility equipment (see videos). We have lots of puppy parties so that the puppies are exposed to as many different people as possible.

At about 6 weeks old we start to do a few short car rides and safe field trips. This may include a visit to an elementary school class which is a lot of fun and great for the puppies. Crate training, housebreaking and clicker training are started at this time.

At 7-8 weeks the litter is evaluated by a few friends who are breeder judges. At this time the show prospects are identified. All puppies are also personality tested using the Volhard method which helps us place puppies in the homes that are the best fit.

During this same period, puppies have their eyes examined by an ophthalmologist and are taken to the vet for health exams, first vaccinations and microchips.

Puppies are ready for their new homes once they turn 8 weeks.

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