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About Dela

Dela was the puppy who wasn’t supposed to stay. We were asked to watch her for a couple of weeks while her owners/breeders were at Australian Shepherd Nationals but of course she never left and the rest is history! We fell in love with her quirky, independent and sweet personality and after much pleading our good friends who bred/owned her agreed she could stay. You may notice the slew of championships and titles before and after her name, there’s a story to them. When Terri Morgan one of Dela’s breeders agreed to let her stay she said to me “I want you to make sure she uses her brain, she has too much talent to not have a job.” Well that was the start of an amazing journey that led to my love and passion for performance. Dela was my first rally champion, my first obedience dog, my first nosework dog. She was the dog who kindled my passion for agility. Dela forced me to become a thoughtful, positive and fair handler and I wouldn’t be the trainer I am today if not for her. Together we earned multiple High in Trials and top placements at our National Specialties. She holds a special place in my friend and mentor Terri Morgan’s heart too, not only as Dela’s breeder/co-owner but as her handler to her first WTCH(Hearding Trial Championship). This was an accomplishment that I know both of us won’t forget in a hurry.

Dela is chief puppy raiser here at Highline Aussies, from the moment the dam is ok with Dela stepping in she throws herself into puppy care. From cleaning to teaching them how to play tug she is the adoring puppy nanny. Watching her with another dams offspring is enough to melt your heart.

Date of Birth: Feburary 2, 2012
Height: 21.5 inches | OFA Hips: Good | OFA Elbows: Normal | Penn hip: 80%
Eyes cleared annually | Bite: Full Dentition/Scissors
Breeders: T. Morgan, S. Poplin, E. Stibley
Owners: Jacquie Hallenbeck, T.Morgan, S.Poplin E. Stibley


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Jacquie Hallenbeck

Greenwood Village CO

Cell: (303) 638-3590